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Hello. I'm Heather. I'm 21, and a senior at UC Santa Cruz. My majors are literature and history, I'm obsessed with the 18th century Atlantic world, and I love reading/writing with a feminist/fem theory slant.

Current favorites include Barbara Kingsolver, Jane Austen, Audre Lorde, Adrienne Rich, Judith Butler, Gilbert and Gubar, and Gayatri (sp?) Spivak.

I also just finished Liberty's Daughters, by Mary Beth Norton, one of my favorite historians. She focuses on women's experience during the American Revolution and afterward.

So, I guess that's it for now. This is a cool community. I'm not a women's studies major so I never felt right in the other feminist-themed communities, but I am an avid reader and writer. Here's a poem I wrote with multiple female literary references you might enjoy:

Madwomen Upstairs


Hope is a thing with feathers – Emily Dickinson


Today in literature class

We ripped Emily’s fabric

Tearing out the stitches

That – hold – the –words – together

So we could part             the phrases

Like curtains


We found a dusty window carved

Into another Jane Eyre attic with mumbling corners

Framed sepia-splashed

women      trapped

Staring, wordless, behind glass

And rotting Victorian wood

At last, a room of their own


Emily didn’t notice our intrusion

As she scrawled

“I’m Nobody!”

On the dank attic wall

The frogs outside

Responded in bawdy chorus

While her foremothers frowned

Ladylike in glass cases


Then Emily sighed

Opened the book

She – stitched – herself

We watched her write

Her Name

In the dusty film

On the table

Before she smiled,

Turned the page

And began to decorate hope

With feathers

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